Friday, January 9th, 2015

Sandy Lane Resort, Barbados

Whenever I stay somewhere completely mind-blowing it always takes me a while to digest the experience. I know that’s not good blogger practice and it sounds a bit pretentious but it’s true. You can only really appreciate how great something is when it’s gone. Our time at Sandy Lane was truly magical – whilst it’s reasonable to say that this was based on a combination of factors (first time in Caribbean, Rob’s birthday etc) the major enjoyment factor came from the lovely lovely staff. 

 When we stepped off the plane there was an hour and a half queue for passport checks at Barbados airport. It really warm so I didn’t really mind but then T mentioned that Sandy Lane has a fast track queue and before I knew it we were being jostled past everyone else. Now I don’t think I’ve even had Easy Jet priority boarding before so it all felt a bit alien but I am ashamed to say I adapted very quickly. As we passed through passport control we were greeted by Sandy Lane staff who ushered us to a waiting car. 
Sandy Lane is about a half hour drive from Barbados Airport and I loved every second of our drive there: palm trees, colourful houses, men on the street selling coconuts and mangos from the back of cars. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. As we pulled into Sandy Lane and were cleared through the security checks I did feel a little bit like the Queen. My excitement grew when I saw staff waiting with fresh fruit cocktails and cold face towels and turned my head to see who the star guest was checking in behind us. Turns out the drinks and face towels were for us and although I didn’t really feel worthy I gladly accepted both.
Our room was in the turtle block and after coming down from my amount of free soap high I opened the doors to the balcony, oh my goodness what a view! It was so beautiful I actually cried, now I did drink a bit on the plane but still I was overwhelmed. I’d never been somewhere that looks so much like paradise, I was convinced that colour of sea had to have been doctored. 

As you can imagine I wanted to get my feet in the sand as soon as possible so I slipped on my faux Chanel espadrilles ( here ) and went for a little walk along Sandy Beach. The sand was so fine it felt like talcum powder. 

We dipped our toes into the warm sea and headed over to the bar, I got a cocktail called liquid sunshine which reminded me of the sunny disputation of my late Grandma and toasted to her as we watched the amazing sunset. 

The next morning I was keen to explore so we woke up early to walk the length of Sandy Lane beach before leaving for the airport. We walked past the famous One Sandy Lane where Rihanna often stays, here’s a picture if you’re interested.

Unlike the tropical party atmosphere that arises in the afternoons, the mornings are utterly calm, except for tropical birds twittering, crabs that dart between your toes and a man with incredible dreadlocks. 

The pale light was a very serene way to start a long day, we slurped a watermelon juice and green smoothie and left for the airport to fly to Mustique.
Our flight back from Mustique was rough and boy was I pleased to see those Pink ladies again at the airport.  As we were staying just before the sunny season we flew through a tropical storm, it was still raining in Barbados but I didn’t mind as it gave me an opportunity to wear my emergency poncho I always bring on holidays. ( T was embarrassed )
 As when the weather cleared up we wanted to make the most of the complimentary water sports. We took the hobby cat out and went paddleboarding. I’d love to show you some photo’s but sadly our Go Pro didn’t arrive in time and we didn’t risk another camera getting wet. So here’s a lovely photo the hobby cat on the beach.
Sunday was our last day and as we snacked on a tropical fruit salad, admired the glass doilies ( has anyone ever seen these before?) whilst listening to the steel drum player who was back, I felt extremely lucky just to have experienced Sandy Lane once.
 It’s a very special place and you are treated like a superstar and I must say the staff who work there are second to none. They knew our names, asked about Mustique and gave us tips on where to eat and visit in Barbados. What’s more important was that they all seemed happy and said they are treated very well by the employer and the guests. I left determined to find away to bring my close friends and family to Sandy Lane because quite frankly I think this is pretty close to paradise. 

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