Friday, September 4th, 2015

Point Lobos – Whale Watching

A friend who has a house in Carmel Valley recommended Point Lobos and I’m so thankful (#blessed) that she introduced us to this place. As I mentioned before we didn’t have much time in our schedule so after a few hours at Pebble Beach we left early and drove down 17 mile drive to Point Lobos. When we pulled up T was still in his suit and I was in a dress and heels. The park attendant did look slightly perplexed but was kind enough not to ask any questions and let us get on our way. Point Lobos 5Point Lobos 3We would have loved to have completed some of the walking trails in and our the park but sadly we just didn’t have the time. Instead we drove around and got out for a five to ten minutes at each spot, trying to take it all in. The first place we visited was Whalers Cove where we parked near the Whalers Cabin. The original cabin was errected by the Chinese in the 1850’s and when the last resident left in the 1980’s it was preserved as a historical building. Whalers cove itself was extremely peaceful and it’s hard to imagine such brutal acts taking place here.Point Lobos 10Point Lobos 4After Whalers Cove we drove along to Hidden Beach and once again got our to admire the view, the coast of California from Monterey down to Big Sur has such an ethereal beauty. The combination of pine trees, sea air and sunshine, a combination yet to see else where.  On the drive to Hidden Beach we’d passed cars and vans parked up by Weston Beach with many of the occupants sitting on the roof with binoculars. I just couldn’t drive past and not get out, they could only be there for one reason and that would be to whale watch. We were told that this year has been an incredibly good year in Monterey Bay for sea mammals, the water appears to be warmer and the food plentiful. Point Lobos 6Point Lobos 7We didn’t have binoculars with us but waited eagerly anyway.  Every now and then a wave would break on a rock that we hadn’t noticed before and the splash of foamy water would get everybody excited. I didn’t know whether to concentrate in one place or scan the small cove, then suddenly when I was looking in the other direction we heard a high-pitched shriek from a sweet Chinese tourist. Immediately we all turned to face her and then spun around to the general direction she was looking but we couldn’t see any whales. After jumping up and down and saying something that the rest of us couldn’t understand she pointed again and just like that we saw the puff of water and a fin appear from the water. I think I jumped around too, seeing these majestic creatures playing happily in the wild was truly awesome. It appears that most of them were shallow diving and although we didn’t see any of them breach it was a magical moment, especially as Monterey Bay was once such a hostile environment for these majestic marine mammals. DSCF8949 Point Lobos 8Sadly we had somewhere to be and had to get back in the car but I was so enthusiastic about seeing whales for the first time I insisted on walking back to the car, backwards; forcing T to be my guide. I can’t believe Whaling was only banned around 30 years ago and am thankful that California provides them with such a safe and happy home. Thank you for providing me with an amazing memory, it felt like Christmas Day. Point Lobos 9

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