Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Pink Door Palm Springs

Believe it or not this door is famous, so famous in fact I made T get in the car and drive me to it. Then as I was typing up this post in a coffee shop in Battersea a lady from New Zealand ( here on holiday) came up to me and said ‘hey I’ve seen that door before, where is it?’ It is located in the Indian Canyon part of Palm Springs (near the hiking spot) and not too far from the Ace Hotel where we were staying. When we arrived at the pink door house I realised just what a strange person I’d become and that actually I didn’t want to trespass on someones property just for a photo I’d seen on Pinterest but T having driven me there made sure that I stood outside for at least one photo ( yes sir). I’ve got to say the house is as pretty in life as it is on Pinterest, as we went early in the morning my photo doesn’t look as  good as the Pinterest shots but what in life does? The door itself sort of reminded me of a strawberry white chocolate bar. It would be unfair and inaccurate to pretend this was the only good-looking house in Palm Springs, every house was unique.Palm Springs 3Palm Springs Architecture CactiPalm Springs Architecture With glorious blue skies and Mount Jacinta as a backdrop the hard lined houses, concreted front gardens even pebble dashed walls looked achingly cool. My favourite house (and such an obvious choice for me) was a house painted Peptol Bismal pink.Pink House Palm Springs 2 Again I didn’t feel comfortable standing outside this persons front door so I jumped out of the car and got T to take a photo of me in front of the garage. I’ve had lots of lovely comments on my palm print jumpsuit from Topshop, I missed it in the shops and hunted it down on eBay in Spring. I love it but I must warm you that it does make arms look awful, when I say awful I mean fat. Most of the photos we took in it made my arms look like joints of ham. I did think about downloading Photo Shop to make them look thinner but it kind of goes against my morals plus I haven’t got the time. Does anyone else feel like this?Pink Garage Palm Print Palm Springs Continuing the weird ”take my photo in front of nice walls phenomenon” let me introduce you to the Parker Hotel wall. Like the concrete houses, the breeze blocks probably wouldn’t look as great in say Merthyr but in Palm Springs they just work.
Parker Meridian Le Parker Meridian Palm Springs We went to Norma’s in Parker for breakfast and for a snoop around…I really liked the gardens, the bar and the relaxing areas. I always say I’m an ACE girl at heart but I can totally imagine coming here for a glamorous girls weekend.
Parker Meridian Palm Springs 3Parker Meridian Palm SpringsParker Meridian Palm Springs 6

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