Carmel By The Sea is a magical place, a sort of Disneyland for grown up’s and for kyrofelonoshophobics and it’s probably the only place where your boyfriend will be as excited by houses covered in roses as you.

Have you ever felt so intimated by the security staff and name checking people standing outside of a restaurant that you decide you’re not going to like it as a small gesture of rebelion; this is how I felt about Ysabel. As I was waiting to sign in I found myself muttering things like ‘I […]

For me a fun part of holidays and trips abroad is the researching and planning in the lead up to the trip. Strangely this ‘last minute,’ trip actually feels more organised than many of our bigger trips mainly because we need to fit things in around a tight schedule. We’ve got a strict agenda and […]

Rather confusingly we actually started this trip to California in Nevada, last-minute flights to Los Angeles are surprisingly hard to come across. We decided to fly into Vegas jump into a hire car and drive for two hours through the Mojave desert until we reached Palm Springs. It wasn’t the most straight forward plan but […]

This is a throwback post, it’s nearly two years since our Californian road trip and we are lucky enough to be going back again next week. Our first stop in California was Las Vegas and I got tick something major off my life bucket list; visit the Grand Canyon. As we were going to be […]

I must stress that I didn’t actually stay at this beautiful hotel, we were meant to but there was a mix up and admin mistake with that the company we book our hotels with. We did however visit this hotel a number of times either to explore the stunning Augustinian cloisters or eat on the near perfect […]