TRAVEL I booked my flights last-minute, I travelled with RyanAir on the way out and AerLingus on the way back. I had great experiences with both.STAY The Westbury My partner Tom was working in Dublin so I crashed his hotel room. It was an absolutely gorgeous hotel and I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s […]

As much as I love researching and lists of places to go, I often think a picture is worth a thousand words. Budapest is breath taking and I’m already dreaming about how I can shoot some sort of high end perfume campaign with a Hollywood star exploring the city. In the mean time look at […]

In the days I traveled across the wide Canadian prairies on the Via Train I realised just how lucky I am to live next to and near so many countries and cultures. I am also selfishly worried about what implications the Brexit vote will have on cheap, easy European travel so have declared 2017 the year of Europe. I […]

Taking photos is one of my favourite things to do in the world. Here are some of my favourites.

Now obviously this isn’t the definitive guide to Verbier, so lets call it ‘the places I hung out and enjoyed guide.’ Le Fer A ChevalI have a soft spot for this place, I think it’s because it’s a bit more laid back than most restaurants in Verbier. I’ve eaten in Le Fer A Cheval about 4 […]