Now obviously this isn’t the definitive guide to Verbier, so lets call it ‘the places I hung out and enjoyed guide.’ Le Fer A ChevalI have a soft spot for this place, I think it’s because it’s a bit more laid back than most restaurants in Verbier. I’ve eaten in Le Fer A Cheval about 4 […]

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Packing for the California trip was a bit tricky, the car shows were smart affairs so I packed dresses and blazers and Panama hats for that. When it came to ‘downtime dressing,’ I was quite relieved to get back into my everyday clothes. When I first visited LA I was surprised to see how casual everybody dressed( […]

Rather shamefully up until two weeks ago I’d associated Monterey Aquarium with Pinkberry.  Two years ago when we pulled up in Monterey we were at the tail end of our Californian road trip. I remember baulking $40 per ticket then deciding I wanted to try a Pinkberry instead. Fast forward to August this year with a […]

A friend who has a house in Carmel Valley recommended Point Lobos and I’m so thankful (#blessed) that she introduced us to this place. As I mentioned before we didn’t have much time in our schedule so after a few hours at Pebble Beach we left early and drove down 17 mile drive to Point […]

Believe it or not this door is famous, so famous in fact I made T get in the car and drive me to it. Then as I was typing up this post in a coffee shop in Battersea a lady from New Zealand ( here on holiday) came up to me and said ‘hey I’ve […]