I’m a swimsuit kinda gal: always have + always will be.  There’s been a few swimsuit stages including one with a panther on it à la Rihanna 2010 but now my Rihanna moment has faded I’ve gone back to block colours. Colbalt blue is not a colour I normally wear as it was the colour of my school […]

Hi friends, I’m writing this beside the pool in Barbados so feel free to block me on social media if you want. I sometimes do that with friends who are travelling when I’m waiting in the cold at the bus stop + I find it really helps 😉We are in Barbados because our friends rented a villa […]

I subscribe to the Women’s Hour podcast + the other day it popped up with the description ‘Daisy Lowe on the joys of wearing gingham.’ I laughed to myself because I’m so over being sold to, I’ll buy it if I like it not because you tell me thanks very much. Yet here I am […]

Dear blog friends, consider this a warning; I’ve got a new best friend + I’m in that stage where I’m obsessed with them. There’s probably going to be lots of photos, social media mentions + endless compliments in the next few months.  I’m not talking about a friend I met at a party who I find […]

Babington House is part of the Soho House group + no matter how many times we’ve tried to join Soho House they have not let us in haha! It is not essential to be a SH member to book a room but it is cheaper.  If you can afford to splash out + want to treat […]

Last October I travelled to Canada; my friend Adam had recently emigrated to Vancouver + I wanted to check in on him +  explore his new home. My friend Olivia lives near Kitchener about an hour away from Toronto so I decided to start my journey on the East coast + then travel West. I decided […]