Friday, March 24th, 2017

P E A R T R E E C A F E { Battersea Park }

Dear blog friends, consider this a warning; I’ve got a new best friend + I’m in that stage where I’m obsessed with them. There’s probably going to be lots of photos, social media mentions + endless compliments in the next few months.  I’m not talking about a friend I met at a party who I find funny but slightly intimidating with excellent fashion sense but I’m actually talking about a cafe.Pear Tree Cafe is co-owned by Annabel Partridge + Will Burret former Sous Chef’s from my favourite place on earth Petersham Nurseries + Sky Gygngell’s latest venture Spring Restaurant respectively.
 We have a lot in common: firstly we’re neighbours – I live about ten minutes away which means I can pop by all the time.
 Secondly we have a penchant for pink + green, metro tiles, blackboard paint + tropical planting.Thirdly we love dogs, Pear Tree Cafe sits within Battersea Park where hundreds of DINKY’s {double income, no kids} walk their fur babies each day so it makes sense that Pear Tree Cafe welcomes doggies with open arms. Big, small, playful or lazy if you’re a dog owner/obsessive this is the place to dog watch + video for your intastory.
 Lastly + some would argue most importantly for a food establishment 😉 – the food is GORGEOUS! As previously mentioned Partridge and Burrett worked under Sky Gygngell so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the food would be both seasonal + aesthetically stunning with an abundance of colourful radishes + edible flowers. The menu changes weekly but always includes a fish, a meat, a veggie, a salad + a soup option which sounds fair to me. There are also sandwiches + pastries on the counter top. The main kitchen shuts on Mondays but is open the rest of the week.SO if you want me – you’ll find me in Battersea Park near the boating lake accompanied by Monty.

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