Friday, March 31st, 2017


I subscribe to the Women’s Hour podcast + the other day it popped up with the description ‘Daisy Lowe on the joys of wearing gingham.’ I laughed to myself because I’m so over being sold to, I’ll buy it if I like it not because you tell me thanks very much. Yet here I am a few days later here I am waxing lyrical to you about the ‘joys of gingham,’ so who I am to judge?

My first gingham fave was an overall dress from COW vintage in Digbeth, Birmingham. Teenage boys heckled me when I wore it but I loved it regardless. Nowadays I’ve got a monochrome gingham skirt which feels a bit more grown-up + Dolce & Gabanna than my pinafore dress. I just chuck on some cats eye sunglasses then pretend I’m Vanessa Hudgens for the day.  That was the end of my gingham story until I walked past these shoes last Sunday: it was a love at first sight.  I found my size + I did that thing your Mum made you do whilst trying on school shoes in Clarks: I walked + down the shoe section in them. It didn’t take me long to decided they had to be mine + hot-footed it to the till. The block heel + ankle strap means they are practical, you can actually walk to the bus stop in these which is how I judge most of my shoes. I look forward to wearing them with my mom jeans + black body uniform for my next night out.
P.S The website describes them as black but it sunlight they can look navy.

* To be fair the podcast was quite interesting Jennifer Daley, a fashion history lecturer spoke about where gingham came from + how it was used within society.

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