Friday, April 28th, 2017

F L O W E R M A R K E T { New Covent Garden Flower Market }

Have you ever been to a flower market? If not you’ve got to put it on your to do list because it’s just wonderful.  I work in an events florist for most of the week + help my friends too so I get to go regularly yet I still get a flutter in my stomach each time I walk in. I’m like a kid in a candy shop.The one I visit most often is New Covent Garden Flower Market. I’m lucky as it’s a 20 minute bus journey from where I live. Rather confusingly it’s nowhere near Covent Garden + is in fact in Nine Elms, South London. The name Covent Garden Market comes from the fact that back in the day Abbey of Westminster had land: a convent garden. When the Abbey garden produced surplus goods they were sold at the Convent Garden Market. The name slowly morphed into Covent Garden Market but the market eventually declined.  Public sector intervention in 1961 helped reinvigorate the market + it moved to it’s home in Nine Elms, hence the name New Covent Garden Market. Well because of the vast redevelopment in Nine Elms + around Battersea Power Station, New Covent Garden has moved again a bit further up the road. I think the team thought it a bit excessive to call it New, New Covent Garden 😉 so it’s the old name, new location.It opened whilst I was away + last Monday I decided to go + check it out; it is very smart. There are now two floors to the market; the main market hall is ground level + the floral workshops are on the second level. The second level is accessible via stairs or lifts from market hall. The main hall has traders all around the outside as well as traders down the central corridor. All the stalls are clearly labelled + some traders even have uniforms which looks really smart. Of course the fresh flowers are the stars of the show but I was blown away by the sundries by C.Best, what a magnificent display! I don’t think I’ve ever seen empty vases looking so gorgeous. Plus they have an incredible display of silk flowers + artificial plants. Whittington is now split over two levels with another impressive display of sundries including these little tea light holders I was researching for my friend’s wedding.  The café isn’t open yet but I’m already booking in some dates to meet friends there! Members of the public are welcome, the closest station is Battersea Park or Vauxhall + it’s a ten minute walk from both. There are several pedestrian entrances or it costs £5 { for 0-3 hours} to park. Opening hours are early Monday – Saturday 4am – 10am but some traders close early / stay late than these times. I arrive around 07:00am on my visits. If you fancy a visit just send me a message, I’d love to go with you + show you around!




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