Friday, January 8th, 2016

Guide To Verbier

Now obviously this isn’t the definitive guide to Verbier, so lets call it ‘the places I hung out and enjoyed guide.’

Le Fer A ChevalIMG_0085I have a soft spot for this place, I think it’s because it’s a bit more laid back than most restaurants in Verbier. I’ve eaten in Le Fer A Cheval about 4 times now and even when its been jam-packed or 15 minutes before closing they managed to serve us with a smile. It describes itself as a pizzeria but it does great salad and frites too (I’ve sampled most salads on the menu). Plus the prices are probably the most reasonable in Verbier.

Le DahuIMG_9924I love this place, mainly because I find it easy to ski to and down from which means I’m not sitting in lunch in abject terror of the skiing I’ll have to do in 30 minutes time. It’s also a bit of a sun trap. We ate here A LOT and I had my favourite goats cheese salad every time. My friends chose the pizzas and salmon pasta which they strongly recommend too. Worth pointing out that you can’t book a table here which means it is a life saver if everywhere else is booked up. If it’s sunny grab a deck chair and relax with a hot chocolate, the shot of Baileys is not essential but highly recommended.

Le CarrefourIMG_0201We went here one night and enjoyed it so much we went back the next night. I really loved the hot stone and had the veal one night and beef the other. I also sampled a bit of my friends fondue as well and it tasted insanely good. We loved the selection of Swiss wine on offer here and the service was brilliant.

Le Mouton NoirIMG_9965We had such a fun couple of hours at Le Mouton Noir. Our friend Dom nailed the timing and booked a table for the sunniest day of the week. The menu is small but great and the atmosphere hard to beat. We went through several bottle of rosé and enjoyed the ‘pre après’ entertainment. Another highlight was having the paragliders skim over the bar area causing a ‘Mexican wave like’ cheer each time.IMG_9962 Places to get a hot drink IMG_0130 (1)La Galerie du Chocolat – a really expensive shop that does flippin’ great hot chocolate, it’s worth the price.IMG_0126Mountain Warehouse – The hot chocolate with grand mariner was insanely good.

Curve – great apres ski place run by the W hotel. Great place to arrange an end of the day meet up as t’s now finally possible to ski down the mountain.

Places to be seen in

IMG_0199W Hotel – This place is pricey but it is great for people watching, my favourites were a family of three wearing matching outfits complete with fluffy Chihuahua. The W adds a touch of glam to the skiing experience.

IMG_0094Farinet – we managed to get post midnight NYE tickets for this place, sadly after copious amounts of alcohol I didn’t quite get this place ( and cried in a corner) but I can understand why others love it.IMG_0142Milk Bar – Haven’t been here but friends really like it.

Le Rouge – we didn’t go there this year (mainly because we couldn’t ski there) but I went there two years ago and the atmosphere was insane.

Have I left any of your favourites out? I kept chatting to people who mentioned Farm Club too but I don’t really know any one who loves it so I didn’t include it. They was also a cheese and wine shop that kept whispering to me but as we didn’t cook much there wasn’t need to go in. My friend Andrea and I did put on a bit of  a spread for new year which went down well and fueled several hours of hard-core charades.

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Monday, September 7th, 2015

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Rather shamefully up until two weeks ago I’d associated Monterey Aquarium with Pinkberry.  Two years ago when we pulled up in Monterey we were at the tail end of our Californian road trip. I remember baulking $40 per ticket then deciding I wanted to try a Pinkberry instead. Fast forward to August this year with a bit more planning we paid the $80 and visited the aquarium for the first time.  

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Friday, September 4th, 2015

Point Lobos – Whale Watching

A friend who has a house in Carmel Valley recommended Point Lobos and I’m so thankful (#blessed) that she introduced us to this place. As I mentioned before we didn’t have much time in our schedule so after a few hours at Pebble Beach we left early and drove down 17 mile drive to Point Lobos. When we pulled up T was still in his suit and I was in a dress and heels. The park attendant did look slightly perplexed but was kind enough not to ask any questions and let us get on our way. 

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Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Pink Door Palm Springs

Believe it or not this door is famous, so famous in fact I made T get in the car and drive me to it. Then as I was typing up this post in a coffee shop in Battersea a lady from New Zealand ( here on holiday) came up to me and said ‘hey I’ve seen that door before, where is it?’ It is located in the Indian Canyon part of Palm Springs (near the hiking spot) and not too far from the Ace Hotel where we were staying. When we arrived at the pink door house I realised just what a strange person I’d become and that actually I didn’t want to trespass on someones property just for a photo I’d seen on Pinterest but T having driven me there made sure that I stood outside for at least one photo ( yes sir). I’ve got to say the house is as pretty in life as it is on Pinterest, as we went early in the morning my photo doesn’t look as  good as the Pinterest shots but what in life does? The door itself sort of reminded me of a strawberry white chocolate bar. It would be unfair and inaccurate to pretend this was the only good-looking house in Palm Springs, every house was unique.Palm Springs 3

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Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Carmel By The Sea

Carmel By The Sea is a magical place, a sort of Disneyland for grown up’s and for kyrofelonoshophobics and it’s probably the only place where your boyfriend will be as excited by houses covered in roses as you.
Carmel By The SeaCarmel By The Sea 10

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Workshop, Palm Springs

For me a fun part of holidays and trips abroad is the researching and planning in the lead up to the trip. Strangely this ‘last minute,’ trip actually feels more organised than many of our bigger trips mainly because we need to fit things in around a tight schedule. We’ve got a strict agenda and we’ve had to cut out things like ‘wandering to find coffee in the morning.’ That of course put extra pressure on the places we’ve looked up and chosen to visit. Workshop was a restaurant I’d chosen and I was delighted it met and exceeded expectations. Workshop 2There’s so much interesting architecture in Palm Springs, Workshop included. The restaurant is tucked away just off North Canyon Drive in a  Class 1 Historic El Paseo building.  I adored the decor, brutalist but elegant. There is a long polished concrete community table in the centre and concrete private booths either side. 

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