Sunday, October 1st, 2017


Hi friends! Recently I’ve got a bit more into fashion, well expressing myself through my clothes. In the week in the flower workshop I dress for warmth, lots of black, warm boots and my trusty GAP gilet. Though I get to be creative with my flowers I miss wearing things that make me happy.  Clothes have always been something I felt really confident in: I always have worn and always will wear exactly what I want. Last year I wore a Kylie Jenner choker to a black tie event and someone said I looked incredibly 90s ha! I took that as a compliment. Anyway about this coat *heart eye emoji* Last week I went to Oxford Street to buy a warm coat for work. I bought a puffer jacket in a new shop called Reserved. Reserved is a Polish Zara and they had some really nice bits. I bought a puffer jacket and felt a bit down. I had gone to H&M to get my colleague a present and out of the corner of my eye I spotted this bad boy. It wasn’t my size so I took it to the till to ask for stock check. The lovely assistant Jade told me as it was a H&M Trend item they couldn’t look it up. Which seemed odd to me but a quick phone call later Jade located it in the Regent Street shop. When I got to the Regent Street shop I tried on the 10 and the 8, they  run very big so I bought the 8. I couldn’t really afford both coats so after I bought this furry number I walked back to Reserved and took my puffer back. ‘ You bought this an hour ago Madam?’ ‘Correct.’ ‘You’d like to bring it back?’ ‘Correct.’ 😂

Better to look fabulous on the weekend than be warm in the week right?

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