Tuesday, April 4th, 2017


Hi friends, I’m writing this beside the pool in Barbados so feel free to block me on social media if you want. I sometimes do that with friends who are travelling when I’m waiting in the cold at the bus stop + I find it really helps 😉We are in Barbados because our friends rented a villa here over Easter +  kindly asked if we wanted to join them, they didn’t need to ask twice so here we are. Anyway we are here safely + it feels GREAT to have some sunshine on my face + to be amount the palm trees. I first visited Barbados two years ago + arrived drunk because I got upgraded on the flight over +  made the most of the unlimited alcohol situation.  I’d never visited the Caribbean + the coloured houses, palm trees + friendly people just got to me.I managed to hold back the tears this time but I’m still blown away by its beauty + the friendly Bajans. We are staying in a villa in Westmoreland + will mostly be hanging out on the West Coach beaches but today we are going to head to Animal Flower Cave. If you fancy seeing lots of pics of palm trees + colourful houses follow along here + on The Lex Chapter instagam. If not I’ll see you back in London. See you soon!

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