Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

B A R B A D O S { photo haul }

My favourite part of any trip abroad is learning about + experiencing a different way of living life. Barbados seems so idyllic for a tourist but as a waiter said to us when I complimented his home he said ‘we still have headaches here too mam,’ which I completely understand. Nevertheless the friendly, positive nature of Bajan’s left me feeling completely reinvigorated. 

Barbados is such a beautiful place + so welcoming to tourists I hope it doesn’t change. I do think change is unavoidable, we chatted with many taxi drivers + locals who explained there has recently been a spike in crime. The crimes are burglary or muggings + are committed by youths who are frustrated + don’t want to grow up + work in tourism + hospitality. The taxi driver said he is worried that crime is being glamourised in music + exaggerated in the press + wants to stress to the young kids how important tourism is to the islands economy. I do see where the youth are coming from though + it’s an interesting how globalisation is effecting the Caribbean too. 

I love Barbados because I feel safe there going for a run by myself along the beach. I love the fact that drivers are considerable + traffic stops both ways when we crossed with baby A. I love the food. I love the rum. I love the fact that we could pop in + visit Tom’s Granny who is laid to rest in Bridgetown Military Cemetery { she was a WRN / wren } with our friends + their baby. I love the colours. Lastly I love how locals greet tourists with the phrase ‘welcome home.’ Thank you for sharing your beautiful island with us, see you soon. 

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