I often see accounts on instagram with photo after photo of pretty pastel houses, cars and flowers. I of course think the photos and accounts are pretty but for me photography is getting stuck in and getting the unique, quirky points of a city { perhaps I just don’t have enough will power to stick […]

   TRAVEL I booked my flights last-minute, I travelled with RyanAir on the way out and AerLingus on the way back. I had great experiences with both.STAY The Westbury My partner Tom was working in Dublin so I crashed his hotel room. It was an absolutely gorgeous hotel and I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s […]

As much as I love researching and lists of places to go, I often think a picture is worth a thousand words. Budapest is breath taking and I’m already dreaming about how I can shoot some sort of high end perfume campaign with a Hollywood star exploring the city. In the mean time look at […]

In the days I traveled across the wide Canadian prairies on the Via Train I realised just how lucky I am to live next to and near so many countries and cultures. I am also selfishly worried about what implications the Brexit vote will have on cheap, easy European travel so have declared 2017 the year of Europe. I […]

Taking photos is one of my favourite things to do in the world. Here are some of my favourites.