Have you ever been to a flower market? If not you’ve got to put it on your to do list because it’s just wonderful.  I work in an events florist for most of the week + help my friends too so I get to go regularly yet I still get a flutter in my stomach […]

My favourite part of any trip abroad is learning about + experiencing a different way of living life. Barbados seems so idyllic for a tourist but as a waiter said to us when I complimented his home he said ‘we still have headaches here too mam,’ which I completely understand. Nevertheless the friendly, positive nature […]

”What’s the point of a holiday if you don’t eat + drink everything? ” Tom, April 2017 Firstly before posting a big old blog about what I ate I thought it important to acknowledge that I did feel self-conscious about eating lots + not exercising whilst away. I did go for a few runs early […]

As I mentioned before, my last trip to Barbados was only for three days; an extremely glamorous lay over if you will. This time I had two weeks on the island so I wanted to really explore but still be sociable + find time to relax too. Luckily my friends are the active + inquisitive type too […]

I’m a swimsuit kinda gal: always have + always will be.  There’s been a few swimsuit stages including one with a panther on it à la Rihanna 2010 but now my Rihanna moment has faded I’ve gone back to block colours. Colbalt blue is not a colour I normally wear as it was the colour of my school […]

Hi friends, I’m writing this beside the pool in Barbados so feel free to block me on social media if you want. I sometimes do that with friends who are travelling when I’m waiting in the cold at the bus stop + I find it really helps 😉We are in Barbados because our friends rented a villa […]