Hi friends! Recently I’ve got a bit more into fashion, well expressing myself through my clothes. In the week in the flower workshop I dress for warmth, lots of black, warm boots and my trusty GAP gilet. Though I get to be creative with my flowers I miss wearing things that make me happy.  Clothes […]

Dominique Ansel was not only named best pastry chef in the world in 2017 but is the man who invented the cronut. The cronut craze started in New York and has allowed Ansel to expand his empire to London and I for one am thankful.I’ve walked past several times usually on my way to the coach […]

Have you ever been to a flower market? If not you’ve got to put it on your to do list because it’s just wonderful.  I work in an events florist for most of the week + help my friends too so I get to go regularly yet I still get a flutter in my stomach […]

My favourite part of any trip abroad is learning about + experiencing a different way of living life. Barbados seems so idyllic for a tourist but as a waiter said to us when I complimented his home he said ‘we still have headaches here too mam,’ which I completely understand. Nevertheless the friendly, positive nature […]

”What’s the point of a holiday if you don’t eat + drink everything? ” Tom, April 2017 Firstly before posting a big old blog about what I ate I thought it important to acknowledge that I did feel self-conscious about eating lots + not exercising whilst away. I did go for a few runs early […]

As I mentioned before, my last trip to Barbados was only for three days; an extremely glamorous lay over if you will. This time I had two weeks on the island so I wanted to really explore but still be sociable + find time to relax too. Luckily my friends are the active + inquisitive type too […]